Why Choose Us?

Selecting the right rug cleaning company is an important decision. You need to be able to trust them in your home, trust that they bill you as promised, and ensure that your rug is properly cleaned and dried.

Be Informed:

Many callers ask us, "What do you do that is different than a less expensive cleaner or a wall to wall carpet cleaner who wants to clean my oriental rug in my home?"

Probably the best way to answer that question is to describe to you the steps involved in the cleaning of a rug, The Rug Renovator Way, in the world’s largest cleaning facility.

Step 1 – FREE Pick Up

First the rug is picked up in your home

Step 2 – Thorough Inspection

Then once it arrives at our facility we carefully inspect the rug, note the color, type, size, and any pre-existing conditions, such as stains and problems that might need repair. We also photograph the rug and all areas that are of concern.

Step 3 – Pre-Spotting of Stains

After the rug is inspected we pre-spot and stains or heavily soiled areas.

Step 4 – The Giant Dust Beater

Next the rug is sent to be dusted in our Giant Dust Beater – a 20 horsepower motor on our 18 ft. long by 6 ft. wide, 4,000 pound custom machine to remove the dust and dirt from the rug – removing as much as 80% of the loose soil particulate that makes up most of the dirt in a rug. Please note that if you remove the dirt before cleaning – then that dirt doesn’t need to cleaned out by the soap and water.

Step 5 – The 1500 Gallon Luster Wash

Although we have different types of washes available to us, for the purpose of this illustration let’s follow a handmade oriental rug through our most popular Luster Wash process. After dusting, the rug is put into a large washing machine.

Factory cleaning at Rug Renovating

That holds up to 1,500 gallons of water. The average clothes washing machine holds about 10 gallons of water, to give you a sense of how large our machine is. While none of our competitors has a machine like this, we have five.

The process consists of a series of washes and rinses with soaps and other specially formulated mild ingredients, which not only clean the carpet but help to restore the luster to the wool and enhance the rugs appearance. The actual washing process can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Step 6 – Power Wringer Get Out 98% of the Water

After the washing is completed, the rug is removed from the washing machine and put through a wringer that removes the excess water from the rug. As the rug passes through the wringer it is rinsed by hand to ensure that all the detergent has been completely removed. The rug is then folded and placed in an extractor that spins at very high speeds, similar to your washing machine at home, removing even more water and helping the rug to dry more quickly.

Step 7 – Freshness Drying in Our 10,000 Square Foot Temperature Controlled Hanger

Now the rug is ready to be dried. To accomplish this we hang the rug vertically on a pole that is hoisted up into out dryroom where warm air is blown into the room and then circulated around the rug until it is completely dry. When it comes out of the dryroom it is sent to have the fringes cleaned and rinsed by hand. The rug is then put back into another dryroom so that the fringes will completely dry.

Step 8 – The Final Quality Inspection

The rug is removed from the dryroom and sent to our inspection table. If the rug needs repair it will directed to our repair room.

Step 9 – Grooming for the Final Touches

Once the rug passes final inspection, the fringes are combed and the pile of the rug is groomed, vacuumed and wrapped for delivery back to you. If the inspector is not happy with the results, he may decide to send the rug back to be re-cleaned, and the entire cleaning process is repeated.

Step 10 – FREE Delivery Back To Your Home

After the final inspection the rug is ready to be delivered back to you

No Other Rug Cleaning Company Can Compare

This is how we clean many of the rugs that come to us. Most of our competitors clean in the basement of a store or a garage or ask to clean the rug in you home and tempt you with some ridicules price.

No other company has the equipment that we have to offer the best possible results. Some of our services are more expensive than our competitors, and others are very competitively priced. Ask the less expensive cleaner what they do step-by-step when they clean a rug, as I have done here for you, and I’m confident that you will choose Rug Renovating.

Our Certications Prove It

We have a CRS (Certified Rug Specialist) on staff. Our CRS is the only one with in 50 miles of Manhattan.

Please call us at 973-675-8313