The Rug Renovating Team

Rug Renovating Group

Located in East Orange, NJ; Rug Renovating, established in 1896, is family-owned and operated.

Meet some of our team members below and please contact us if you have any questions about our rug cleaning or other in-home or in-plant services.


Why Choose Us?

No Other Rug Cleaning Company Can Compare to Rug Renovating

At Rug Renovating we take the utmost care of you. We will pick your rugs up and drop them off for free. We clean our rugs in the Worlds LARGEST rug cleaning factory. Most of our competitors clean in the basement of a store or a garage or ask to clean the rug in you home and tempt you with some ridicules price.

No other company has the equipment that we have to offer the best possible results. Some of our services are more expensive than our competitors, and others are very competitively priced. Ask the less expensive cleaner what they do step-by-step when they clean a rug, as I have done here for you, and I’m confident that you will choose Rug Renovating.

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Worry Free Pricing

No Bait and Switch Pricing

We have been in business for over 112 years and want you as a long term client. We have been owned and managed by the same family, served over 500,000 clients and have cleaned, repaired and restored over 5 million rugs and carpets. We value your business and want you to come back again and again while referring us to your friends and family. Approximately 87% of our annual business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

It is our goal to make your cleaning experience as easy and non-stressful as possible. We will NEVER engage in bait and switch predatory pricing. Unfortunately the industry has “quick buck artists” who will gouge and pressure a consumer into paying much more money then the buyer was originally quote on the phone.

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Guaranteed Quote

Our Experienced Service Consultants will review your needs and give you a firm price quote in writing.

Before we give you a quote, our trained service consultants, with over 15 years of experience, on average will talk with you to learn about your rugs and any special requirements. You will find they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Then, they will quote you a firm price based on the type of rug(s) you need cleaned and the size of the rug.

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Important Consumer Alert

Beware of Companies That Do Not Give You A Firm "Per Square Foot" Price!

As you look for a Company to clean and restore your rugs and carpets in the New York, New Jersey and Ct metropolitan area you will be bombarded with information. Much of the information is simply wrong or misleading. There are a lot of fly by night companies or individuals who tell you they have a cleaning facility when in fact they don’t. Ask them where their cleaning facility is located and tell them you want to see the facility.

If they don’t tell you where they are located and invite you to come and see it for yourself - BEWARE.

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