Fiber-Guard™ Stain Protection

Fiber Guard

Protect Your Installation from Stains,
Soil and Wear with Fiber-Guard™

Safe, Non Toxic, Invisible Stain Protection For All Soft Surfaces

Fiber-Guard™ provides a superior top-to-bottom protection on each and every fiber in handmade rugs and carpets, wall-to-wall carpet, fabric and leather furniture, wall fabrics and draperies.

Have us apply Fiber-Guard™ - The finest stain and soil protectant available to Wool, Cotton, Leather, Silk, Velvet, Suede and all other fabric blends.

Fiber-Guard™ will not wear off like other stain repellents and will leave your fabric's color, feel & texture unchanged while remaining safe and non-toxic.

Fiber-Guard™ helps prevent all types of oil and water based stains and spills.

Applied in your residence or business by our trained personnel.