Fine Rug Restoration Services

Restoration ServicesHand cleaning done by one of our Certified Rug Specialists.

Restoration Services is a special formulated cleaning process done by hand, by our Certified Rug Specialists. This is the finest, most gentle and thorough cleaning available for rugs that are old, fragile, valuable and warrant extraordinary care. This is a distinguished service provided by very few rug cleaning companies in the tri-state area.

The types of rug that would need this cleaning process are old wool Persian rugs, such as:

  • Agras
  • Aubussons
  • Bijars
  • Heriz
  • Hamaden
  • Keshans
  • Lavar Kermans
  • Nichols Chinese
  • Sarouks
  • Savoneriees
  • Serapi
  • Tabriz, etc.

Generally, the process consists of wet cleaning, using lots of water to wash and rinse away the dirt, leaving the wool free of any soap residue that will attract re-soiling.

Most importantly, this entire process is done by a CERTIFIED Rug Specialist.