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Rug Renovating was recently featured in the 'Today' section of the Star Ledger.  Rug Renovating's President, Paul Iskyan was interviewed about the company, the cleaning and drying processes offered and how his staff of expert weavers restore and fix priceless rugs.  To check out the article, click 'read more' below!

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Rug Cleaning Tour

Inplant Rug Repair Process

Take a tour of our Inplant Rug Repair Process. In this tour, we will show you the steps we take, to ensure your carpet is accurately repaired.

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Take a Tour of Our Rug Cleaning Process

Take a tour of our Inplant Rug Cleaning Process. In this tour, we will show you the steps we take, to ensure your carpet is cleaned.

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Best of New York: Carpet Cleaner

When ABC Carpet & Home needs to clean, patch, reduce, or refinish its showroom rugs, it turns to century-old Rug Renovating to do the job. With more than 70,000 square feet of space and 60 technicians, Rug Renovating is the nation’s largest such factory.

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5 Critical Factors to Know When Your Carpet and Furniture are Cleaned

The IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. They are the only recognized national certification program. Certification involves a minimum of 16 hours of classroom training and scoring a 75 or above on a 160 question exam. There are as many as 12 different types of carpet fibers and hundreds of different cleaning solutions. You want to make sure that you have someone in your home who really knows what they are doing. We’ve all seen and heard the horror stories about shrinkage, browning and mildew from over wetting and using too much and the wrong cleaning agent.

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The Rug Renovating In-Plant Cleaning Process

The ultimate cleaning for fine Oriental rugs and carpets. The carpet is completely immersed with water and our own exclusive cleaning formulas. Specially designed washing equipment allows solutions to penetrate freely to the deepest layer of the rug's nap. This process removes ground-in dirt, gently, without crushing the wool, and in most cases restores the original look and texture.

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5 Critical Factors

5 Criticial Factors Wall-to-Wall Cleaning

Proper cleaning of your rug and its fringes requires in plant removal of loose soil particulates before washing to prevent damage. The washing begins with cleaning the back first, then the front, using hundreds of gallons of water along with a mild soap specially designed for this work. Next comes the rinsing process to remove the soap and soil completely while adjusting the PH level of the rug to below 7. Drying is next. The rug is hung vertically so the front and back can dry in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. If the drying process is not done properly mildew can form. These are very important steps that could never be performed in your home.

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Rug Cleaning Video

Our Cleaning Process

See our in-plant rug cleaning process!

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10 Simple Tips for Rug Cleaning

10 Simple Tips

Improve Air Quality & Reduce Allergens in your home

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5 Critical Factors for Rug Cleaning

5 Critical Factors

To avoid a Carpet Cleaning nightmare!

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5 Critical Factors for Wall-to-wall Cleaning

5 Critical Factors

To avoid a Wall-to-Wall Carpet or Furniture Cleaning nightmare!

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