Repair Services and Reweaving

Carpet Repairs

Work done by master craftspeople.

Master craftspeople reweave holes, renap worn areas; restore moth damage; repair seams; reduce a rug's size; rewrap and repair a rug's sides; reweave fringes or add artificial fringes; unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.

Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs such as Karastans and Couristan and broadloom carpet.

Oriental Rug Repairs

We can expertly reweave holes, renap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug's size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.

Machine-Made Oriental & Handmade Rugs

We can do many repairs by machine, which is less costly then hand work. On these types of rugs we can sew fringes on by machine, machine serge, or bind the sides.

Custom made rugs are machine made carpets that are fabricated by hand into area rugs. Many times a border is added by hand sewing and the corners are mitered together. We can repair and alter these rugs as needed. We can also sew on fabric and leather borders as well as machine binding and serging the sides and or ends of the rug to give you a beautifully finished rug.

Broadloom carpet usually comes in 12 ft widths. We can custom cut down the carpet to the size you want and then serge it, bind it, add a border, etc.