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Rug Renovating Team

Below are the profiles of our six Service Consultants. Please scroll through them and choose the knowledgeable representative you would feel most comfortable speaking with. They average over 19 years of experience serving Rug Renovating's Clients.

Joann Rug Renovation

Joanne Bernardo

I have been with Rug Renovating since 2001. It’s great to be part of a team that consistently produces such high quality work!My goal is to provide you with excellent service and to address any questions or concerns you may have about your area rugs, carpeting and home furnishings.

1-877-271-8584 (ext. 212)

Laura Rug Renovating

Laura Iskyan Endicott

I have worked at Rug Renovating since 1991 and have extensive knowledge of every aspect of the cleaning, repair and restoration of rugs, carpets and furniture. I work very closely with the finest designers, architects, Estate Manager and celebrity Clients in the country and bring this experience to every order I personally handle.

1-877-271-8584 (ext. 207)

Terri Rug Renovation

Terri Fortunato

I have worked with Rug Renovating since 1955 and have been involved with every facet of rug cleaning repair and restoration. I enjoy working with our valued clients discussing their needs, and explaining how our services can help beautify their rugs, carpets and furniture.

1-877-271-8584 (ext. 303)


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Bruce Hemmat

My background includes ten years of experience in the rug and carpet cleaning industry. Along with our skilled and knowledgable staff, we consistently provide unmatched service, quality, and value to each and every customer.  I look forward to making your experience with Rug Renovating exceptional!

1-877-271-8584 (ext. 204)


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Michelle Luchka

I have been working with our great team at Rug Renovating since 2007.  My goal is to provide clients with exceptional service and knowledge.  I am happy to answer all questions and I am confident that our company will stand up to our reputation of providing immense results.  When you call, please be sure to ask for me so that I can help you with the cleaning, repair or restoration of your rugs, carpets, draperies, or furniture.

1-877-271-8584 (ext. 209)