Our Employees

Our Service Consultants (over 19 years of experience) are the finest trained in the industry. We believe that it is our responsibility to educate our clients about the different cleaning procedures, repairs, padding, stain protection etc and let them make an educated decision. The Service Consultants are responsible for assisting you thru the entire cleaning process and will be your contact when doing business with Rug Renovating. They will work with you from your initial call until the rugs are delivered back to your home. We believe it is very important that you have one person to speak with while your rugs are being cleaned.

Our pick up and delivery techs (averaging 14 years of experience) are second to none. Most of our men have been with the company for many, many years. Our drivers make good wages, have full health and dental insurance and we contribute to their pension. It’s important to us that you have a positive experience when having your rugs and carpets picked up or delivered back.

Your total satisfaction with the work that is performed by our pick up and delivery men as well has our in-home cleaning technicians is so important to us that we will ask you to Fill out a confidential 5 question survey – SEE BELOW – where you can tell us how our men performed in your home.

Cleaning Survey