In-Plant Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning - The best carpet care there is for your oriental rugs.

Luster Wash - The Ultimate cleaning for most rugs and carpets.

Soap Wash - Basic cleaning for many rugs.Luster Wash Rug Renovating NYC

Restoration Services - Hand cleaning done by plant manager.

Drapery Cleaning - Important for appearance and longevity.

Hand or Dry Cleaning - Used on rugs that need special care.

Repairs & Reweaving - Work done by master crafts people.

Blocking - We can reshape your rug.

Drying - We dry your rugs as carefully as we wash them.

Fiber-Guard™ - The finest stain and soil protection.

Wood Furniture Restoration - We have a complete furniture restoration shop that can perform any number of services on wooden furniture.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning - We will inspect your furniture and determine the most effective cleaning method, pre-spot any stains, and expertly clean it.

Furniture Refinishing - All types of repairs and finishes.

Moth Repellant

Emergency Services

Odor Removal

Decorator Services