Guaranteed Quote

Our experienced service consultants will review your needs and give you a firm price quote in writing.

You will never have any surprises where it comes to what you pay.

Your Rugs are Unique and Special

Talk with our trained rug cleaning service expertsBefore we give you a quote, our trained service consultants, with over 15 years of experience, on average will talk with you to learn about your rugs and any special requirements. You will find they are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Then, they will quote you a firm price based on the type of rug(s) you need cleaned and the size of the rug.

Square Foot Pricing is the Only Accurate Pricing Method

They will quote you a square foot price which is multiplied by the total number of square feet (length x width)

Example: 9 x 12 oriental rug = 108 sq ft x $4 per sq ft = $432.00

This price quote is printed out clearly on your pick up contract so it’s in writing. No confusion, no misunderstandings (see actual sample below).

Sample contract Click here to see view full size in a new window

Beware of “Free Estimates” AFTER they come to your home

Some cleaning companies tell you they offer a “free estimate” AFTER they come to your home. This process leads to “bait and switch” tactics and if the price they quote you is way out of line then they have wasted your time.

Here’s all we need to give you to our Guaranteed Quote

Here is some basic information that you should have before calling us, that will help the Service Consultant quote you and accurate price.

  • Is the rug handmade or machine made
  • What is the size of the rug – length x width
  • How old is it
  • What part of the house is the rug used in
  • Last time the rug was cleaned

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