Green Rug Cleaning

Everyone is claiming to be “green." Learn about the steps we have taken and how we can bring responsible cleaning to solve your needs.

If our client would like us to use cleaning products that are environmentally more friendly then traditional cleaning products we are happy to do so. Call us and we will educate you on the pluses and minuses and explain the type of products that we offer and how they can benefit you.

There is so much misinformation about “Green Cleaning”. It is important to remember that Green Cleaning is a process. What good does it accomplish for a Company to clean the carpet in a customer’s home with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions only to dump them down the storm sewer when they leave your home?

We are now fully green! 

“Rug Renovating is very excited about the investment we are making in a solar system on our roof,” said Paul Iskyan, fourth generation owner and president of Rug Renovating. “In addition to saving on electricity costs, the solar system is aligned with our values of sustainability and will allow us to attract environmentally-minded customers.”

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Here’s what the professionals are saying

Dr. Michael Berry Ph.D. (former EPA head of EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Studies and author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning for Health) says:

Michael Berry“The number one cause of an unhealthy environment is Cleanliness”

“Green is a process, not a chemical”

“We must have science that supports the effectiveness of the 'green' solution”

“Green and cleaning are synonymous terms – proper removal, collection and disposal of unwanted matter”

Dr. Steve Spivak Ph.D.- ties to simplify what it means to do Green Cleaning.

Steve SpivakHere is his definition:

“Cleaning green, a preferred term otherwise known as ‘green cleaning,’ which comprises environmentally responsible management with care, maintenance, cleaning and renovation procedures. It is achieved by employing products, formulations, equipment, procedures or systems intended to minimize any harmful environmental impact and maximize sustainability of natural and built environments”


Our Factory Cleaning is as responsible as you can get

When it comes to cleaning oriental rugs and area carpets in the World’s Largest Cleaning Facility we are using proper disposal techniques. All the water and cleaning detergents are released into our sanitary sewer. The effluent travels thru the sewer system to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission where it is properly treated and released into New York Harbor.

In order to protect and preserve local streams and rivers from water pollution, the PVSC operates one of the country’s largest treatment plants for the waste waters of northern NJ. PVSC strives to improve local water quality in accordance with federal and state water quality legislation.   

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