Rug Drying


We dry your rugs as carefully as we wash them.

We dry your rugs and carpets as we clean them. The drying process is an intrical part of the cleaning process. If the rug is not properly dried and allowed to remain wet for too long, problems such as mildew and dry rot can occur.

Our dry-rooms are state of the art and we control the amount of heat and humidity so that the rug dries under optimal conditions.  As you can see from the picture, many rugs are dried in a vertical, hanging fashion. This way air can circulate on the front and the back of the rug, which will quicken the drying process. 

The room is equipped with a humid-i-stat that measures, not only the temperature, but the relative humidity in the room. It controls the:

  1. amount of heat in the room, and 
  2. the fans that remove the moisture-laden air from the room. 
During a drying cycle, we may remove the heated air several times to reduce mositure from the air. There are multiple fans that circulate air in the room to ensure that drying leaves the carpet or fine rug in a natural state.