Important Consumer Alert

Beware of Companies That Do Not Give You A Firm
"Per Square Foot" Price

Consumer alertAs you look for a Company to clean and restore your rugs and carpets in the New York, New Jersey and CT metropolitan area you will be bombarded with information. Much of the information is simply wrong or misleading. There are a lot of fly by night companies or individuals who tell you they have a cleaning facility when in fact they don’t. Ask them where their cleaning facility is located and tell them you want to see the facility.

If they don’t tell you where they are located and invite you to come and see it for yourself - BEWARE

Sales sharkThere are numerous "bait and switch" type cleaners that quote vague or low-ball prices only to rack up extensive overcharges once they are in your home. By simply selecting an established, experienced professional cleaner that provides a firm written proposal you will guarantee that you never get ripped off.

Throw them out of your home - BEWARE!

Please review our website. The information is complete and accurate. The certifications are true and factual. Call and speak with one of our trained Service Consultants. They will give you as much of an education as you like and quote you a legitimate written price quote. Still not satisfied, print out our “The 5 Critical Factors you must know when getting your handmade Oriental rugs & area carpets cleaned.”

It’s packed with great educational information and it has some great questions you can ask any other cleaning company you decide to call for a price quote.

BEWARE – Never clean a Handmade Oriental or area rug in your home.

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