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Why you should invest in an eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatment

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Dec 13, 2013 @ 02:47 PM

You should invest in an eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatment because experts have stated that "going green" is an important factor when it comes to cleaning. And our factory's cleaning processes are as responsible as you can get. If our client would like us to use cleaning products that are environmentally more friendly, we are happy to do so. We can explain to you the type of products that we offer and how they can benefit you and your home. Some chemicals used in cleaning products have been linked to health problems varying rom asthma and allergies to attention disorders and possibly cancer. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatments are important because it can provide health benefits for your family and pets. For the planet, eco-friendly cleaning can reduce our carbon footprint on the planet as well. We believe it is practical for us to be earth friendly and conscious while making your home beautiful. You will feel better about having your rugs cleaned knowing that it's helping the environment. 

Oriental rugs or area carpets can act like an air filter, which will collect dust and dirt particles in their fibers. Like a filter, they need to be cleaned or it could lead to indoor health hazards. In order to do so the safest way, eco-friendly cleaning is the way to go because it eliminates any type of harsh chemicals in your home and around your family. Keeping your home clean and healthy will keep you healthy. Indoor air pollution can lead to watery eyes, frequent colds, flu, sore throats, stuffy noses, and a lack of energy. Rugs and carpets play an essential role in affecting indoor air quality. When they capture dust, dirt, pollen, dust mites, and bacteria, they can only hold them in their soft surfaces for so long until they become too full of pollutants and release them back into the air. This contributes to the problem and the only way to combat it is by getting your rugs and carpets cleaned professionally every year. You and your family will ultimately feel better and live a healthier life, while your home will look dramatically more beautiful. 

Not only do we take eco-friendly measures when cleaning your rugs and carpets, but we also take steps afterwards to continue to help the planet. We will never dump any type of environmentally friendly solution down the storm sewer after we leave your home. We use proper disposal techniques after cleaning oriental rugs and area carpets in our facility. All of the water and the cleaning detergents are released into our sanitary sewer, which then travels through the sewer system and into the Passaic Valley Sewerage commission where it is properly treated and released into the New York Harbor. We turn to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC), which operates one of the country's largest treatment plants for the wastewater's of Northern New Jersey. We were presented with an award from the PVSC for our compliance with pretreatment requirements. 

Quick Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning at Home: 

  1. Vacuum at least once a week. 

  2. Have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year by a qualified specialist.

  3. Wipe your shoes before entering your home with an outdoor mat, removing up to 83% of soil.

  4. In order to avoid any chance of mold, get water leaks fixed when broken.

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How Can You Save a Damaged Family Heirloom (a treasured rug)?

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Mon, Dec 02, 2013 @ 10:27 AM

When it comes to a family heirloom that becomes damaged, such as your favorite valuable rug, critical steps must be taken in order to save it. Because it's precious to you and your family, we make sure to take special care of it. Below are the top five steps we take when dealing with a valuable rug.

1. We will come to your house and pick up the rug and bring it back to our facility. Remember: never, ever allow a wall-to-wall carpet cleaning company to clean an oriental rug in your home. Although it may sound cheaper, it will ruin it. We will look at your rug and determine which cleaning method is most effective. For instance, we may go with Luster Wash, which is the ultimate cleaning for most rugs and carpets. We use our specially designed washing equipment which allows solution to penetrate the deepest layer of the rug's nap. This process removes ground-in dirt, gently, without crushing wool, which is necessary when it comes to your valuable rug. In most cases, this process will also restore the original look and texture. 

2. For rugs that need particularly special care, we will go with our Hand or Dry Rug Cleaning method. All work is done by hand. This process is recommended for silk rugs, extremely fragile textiles, or rugs that have "fugitive" dyes which may run in a wet cleaning method. If your family heirloom is very old and needs that additional special attention, we may go with this method. 

3. If your family heirloom needs further care, we may turn to our Restoration Services, which is a special formulated cleaning process done by hand by one of our Certified Rug Specialists. This is the finest, most gentle and thorough cleaning available for rugs that are old, fragile, valuable and warrant extraordinary care. This is a distinguished service provided by very few rug cleaning companies in the tri-state area. Some rugs that may need this cleaning process include: Agras, Aubussons, Bijars, Heriz, Hamaden, Keshans, Lavar Kermans, Tabriz, Nichols Chinese, Sarouks, Savoneriees, Serapi, etc.

4. We also offer Repair Services and Reweaving. Our master craftspeople can do almost any type of repair on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs such as Karastans and Couristan and broadloom carpets. We can expertly reweave holes, renap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug's size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes. We can also sew on fabric and leather borders as well as machine binding and serging the sides or ends of the rug.

5. Finally, we can Fiber-Guard your family heirloom, in efforts to protect it from stains, soil and wear. It is a safe, non-toxic, invisible stain protection for all soft surfaces. It provides superior top-to-bottom protection on each and every fiber in handmade rugs and carpets, wall-to-wall carpet, fabric and leather furniture, wall fabrics and draperies. Fiber-Guard will not wear off like other stain repellents and it will leave your fabric's color, feel and texture unchanged while remaining safe and non-toxic.
Want to know more about our Fiber-Guard treatment? Contact us today!
Learn More

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Rug Renovating's Inaugural Designer Marketing Workshop

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 01:02 PM

Last week Rug Renovating hosted the first of many interior designer workshops, created to help educate interior designers on strategies that can help grow their own personal business(es).  This initial event was focused on helping interior designers understand how they can build their personal brand, in regards to marketing, and what they may be currently missing in their company messaging. Our guest speaker was famed branding expert and author of the global bestseller 'Your Marketing Sucks' - Mark Stevens.
Important tips to note were:

1. The importance of brevity.  If you can't explain what your company does briefly and simply, you need a new message. Ask yourself "what does my company do?" If you can't answer easily, you need to reconsider your positioning.

2. What makes you different? Really consider your selling process from beginning to end and see where you can make changes to help you stand out.

3. Do something during your initial consultation that makes you memorable.  Bring something tangible that your prospect can keep (outside of a business card or brochure).

The night was informative and engaging as the guests participated in a conversation about marketing and learned new tricks to rug restoration and cleaning, thanks to Paul Iskylan, Rug Renovating's President. Guests received a copy of Mark's book along with an exclusive Rug Renovating spotting kit.

Photos from the event can be seen on the Rug Renovating company Facebook page ( and a video documenting the evening's speeches will be posted next week. 

If you are an interior designer and have questions about rug restoration, cleaning or protecting, or would like to know more about how to help build your personal brand, please feel free to reach out to us and we'd be more than happy to help!

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Fine Rug Repair - Don’t Wait

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Thu, Feb 21, 2013 @ 05:21 PM

Repair Services and Reweaving

Rug Renovating repairs fine rugsWhen it comes to repair services for rugs, master craftspeople:

  • reweave holes
  • renap worn areas
  • restore moth damage
  • repair seams
  • reduce a rug’s size
  • rewrap and repair a rug’s sides
  • reweave fringes or add artificial fringes
  • unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes

Our master craftspeople here at our facility can do almost any type of repair listed above on both antique and contemporary handmade rugs, custom made rugs, machine made rugs such as Karastans and Couristan and broadloom carpet.

Oriental Rug Repairs

We can reweave holes, renap worn areas, restore moth damage, repair seams, reduce a rug’s size, rewrap the binding on the side, reweave worn or missing fringes, sew on artificial fringes, unravel and overcast worn fringes and patch holes.


Machine-Made Oriental & Handmade Rugs

We can do many repairs by machine, which is less expensive than work done by hand. On these types of rugs, we can sew fringes on by the machine, machine serge, or bind the sides.

Custom-made rugs are machine made carpets that are fabricated by hand into area rugs. A border is usually added by hand sewing and the corners are then mitered together. We can repair and alter these rugs as needed. We can also sew on fabric and leather borders in addition to machine binding and serging the sides or ends of the rug to give you the beautifully finished rug you want.

We can custom cut down a broadloom carpet, which usually comes in 12 ft. widths, to any size you want. From there, we can serge it, bind it, add a border, and so on.  

Don’t wait for a small repair to become a major restoration! Check out the repair services we offer to fix any problem with your favorite rugs and carpets.

Book your rug repair now!


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Our Customers love our Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Mon, Nov 19, 2012 @ 11:15 AM

Rug Renovating is the most professional rug cleaning company in NYCWith great customer experiences, come great customer testimonials.  At Rug Renovating, we pride ourselves on the complete satisfaction of our customers.  They consistenly praise us on our professional carpet cleaning and rug restoration services. We love hearing feedback from customers who are satisfied with the work we’ve done for them, and the encounters they had when working with the Rug Renovating team. The following will provide two examples of testimonials that come from Ellen and Rita, and a list, which features important factors that go hand in hand with happy customer reviews.

A recent testimonial comes from Ellen in Fairfield,Connecticut, who sent us an email expressing her happiness and satisfaction. She has a 9x12 handmade rug that had some pulls that needed repair. She spoke to one of our employees, Lenny, and she stated that he couldn’t have been any nicer or more informative. Lenny asked her some questions in order to give her an estimate, and went further on to explain the cost per square foot, which depends on whether the rug is handmade or machine made. Lenny also informed her that he would have the rug picked up, examined, and call her back with an estimate. If she didn’t like it, it would be sent back no charge, which is one of our important policies here.

The next day, she was instructed to call between 4:00 and 5:00 pm, before scheduled pick up, in order to find out the time window they would be coming, which was promised by the men who were picking up the rug. Lenny called her back after he evaluated the rug and informed her of the price. She also decided to buy a pad from us, which would replace her old, ratty one, and something we recommend. She was told that the rug would be arriving between 10 am and 2 pm and it was at her house by 12:30 pm. They lifted the sofa and two oversized chairs and then laid out the rug for her. She was extremely satisfied at how clean and bright it looked when laid out. She was also happy about the fact there are no hidden costs, everything was told to her upfront, and it arrived when they said it would, all of which is something we take extremely seriously.

Another recent testimonial comes from Rita in Manhattan,New York. She appreciated the fact that the morning of the delivery, two of our men, Anthony and Victor, called her to give the approximate time of arrival and even arrived shortly after their call. Rita also loved how professional and courteous they were, and that they knew exactly what they were doing, which she found to be another huge plus. She also noted how pleasant they were to deal with, something we believe is crucial when working with customers. Anthony and Victor placed the mats and the rugs, which were large and heavy, underneath the beds with ease. While working with the rugs, they put shields on their feet, which is something we do with every job while working in our customers' homes. Rita also noted that Jo, an employee she spoke to about the process, was very pleasant and reassuring on the phone, taking good care of her. Rita and her husband were both so pleased with the experience they had with us and stated that the rugs came out beautifully.

We have compiled the following list of important factors included in the high level of service Rug Renovating delivers. These comments have been included in testimonials written to us and highlighted by some of our happiest customers.

  • Our men being the most professional, polite, and enjoyable when working with our customers in their homes.
  • Taking careful procedures during a delivery, such as wearing shields on their feet when laying out the rugs.
  • Keeping our promises to our customers- no hidden fees and everything is told upfront.
  • Always being prompt and on time with deliveries and giving our customers a time approximation.
  • Our employees that speak on the phone to our customers are informative and patient.
  • Always keeping our promises to our customers.
At Rug Renovating we pride ourselves on our state of the art rug cleaning factory, level of thorough service we deliver and the experienced staff who is responsible for all of these steps.  If you would like more information about our company and the services we deliver please visit our website for information and an inside view of our factory.






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Quick Repair Can Minimize Oriental Rug Damage

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

A well-crafted Oriental rug is made to last. The world is graced with exceptional Oriental rugs that have stood the test of time and continue to beautify their surroundings well over a century after artisans tied the final knots. But ancient rug makers did not envision the chemicals, pollutants and abusive wear to which Oriental rugs may now be commonly exposed. Even the strongest natural fibers and most expert craftsmanship are no match for some of the modern perils that can damage Oriental rugs in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

  • Water Damage RugsWater damage, most frequently caused by poor rug-cleaning methods, flooding or leaking potted plants, can rot the cotton fibers that serve as the rug’s foundation. To avoid damage, do not place potted plants directly on rugs; place them on rolling stands and check pots for leaks. Avoid placing Oriental rugs directly on cement floors where moisture accumulation can cause damage.
  • Insect damage, which is primarily caused by feeding moth and carpet beetle larvae, can be repaired by an expert reweaver. To prevent damage, vacuum the surface of the rug weekly and the reverse at least twice a year.
  • Chemical damage is most often caused by poor rug cleaning. Some rug cleaning companies bleach rug fringe which weakens the fibers. Expert rug renovators can refringe damaged rugs.

Prompt Oriental rug cleaning NYC by a skilled professional rug cleaning company can prevent permanent damage to your cherished Oriental rug. When shopping for Oriental rug cleaning services, choose one that also offers expert rug repair NYC by master craftspeople. When damage occurs, prompt professional cleaning and restoration of your Oriental rug will protect your investment and ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy your rug for generations to come.


photo credit:thirteenthbat

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Why Oriental Rugs Should Be Repaired by a Master Craftsperson

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Wed, Feb 29, 2012 @ 03:00 PM

The value of an Oriental rug is in its beauty and craftsmanship. The rich colors and intricate pattern of the design are what make fine Oriental rugs a delight to own and display. But the investment value and ultimate longevity of exquisite handmade rugs is embodied in the superb quality of the materials used to create the rug and the expert skill of the craftsperson who ties the knots. When Oriental rugs become worn or are damaged, their value can be significantly reduced if they are inexpertly repaired. To protect your investment and maintain the resale value of your Oriental rug, you should only entrust Oriental rug repair NYC to master craftspeople.

Oriental RugRepairing a quality Oriental rug transcends the repair of an ordinary rug. The expert craftsmanship, time and intricacy involved in creating an Oriental rug and the remarkable longevity of these incredible works of art elevates their repair to the level of historic preservation. Even Oriental rugs of recent vintage should be treated with extreme care and only entrusted to Oriental rug cleaning NYC experts when cleaning or repair is required for they are the treasured family heirlooms of tomorrow.

The master craftspeople at Rug Renovating understand the monetary and heirloom value of finely-made Oriental rugs NYC and will treat your Oriental rug with the reverence it deserves. Our master craftspeople have the well-honed skills to repair your Oriental rug using the same exacting techniques that have been passed down through the ages. Our Oriental rug repair NYC experts can reweave holes, renap worn surfaces, restore moth damage, repair seams, rewrap binding, reweave missing or worn fringes, patch holes and restore your prized Oriental rug to its original beauty.

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